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Powderkeg Brewery 2018 10 Hogsbrook Units Woodbury Salterton Devon || EX5 1PY

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We love beer unashamedly. Not only because it tastes fantastic, but because it can bring such happiness. It brings people together to cut loose, have a good time and put the world to rights. It has been a source of refreshment and nourishment since ancient times and has inspired countless artists and great thinkers. It has fuelled rebellions and shaped British culture.
Our approach may be modern, but this great tradition – of beer as a source of courage and inspiration, as a drink that frees the mind – is a major influence on what we do. In turn, we try to sow a few seeds of rebellion among our friends and customers, a gentle reminder that life is not all about working and achieving – there is beer to be drunk, pleasure to be had and dreams to follow.
Our brewing process remains a hands-on experience purposefully. The brewer is required to pay attention, to craft the beer – using knowledge and experience to assess ingredients, testing and making judgement calls throughout the process; essentially to make the beer themselves and put their stamp on it.

We are a small, dedicated team appreciating every moment that we get to spend doing something we love. So many products on the market today are made with a series of compromises, here at Powderkeg we take the opposite view. Do what you love, do what you think is brilliant and if it all adds up and we make a beer that we can sell then we’ll bang it in a bottle or a keg and share it with the world. It’s an environment that inspires creativity, instigates conversation and conjures up a lot of good times.

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