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Distilled using eleven of the finest botanicals from across the world, including bitter orange, kaffir lime leaf and English coriander. Floral, exotic citrus and deep spice notes are followed by a mild sweetness, creating a light, aromatic and balanced gin.

The Bath Distillery moved from our original home underneath The Canary Gin Bar in 2018 to a much larger site just down the road on Monmouth Place. With this new space came the ability to upscale all of our production whilst maintaining our vision of making beautifully hand-crafted, premium, small batch spirits. Botanicals, copper stills, bottling, capping and labelling machines fill the space with activity. Numerous concoctions are conceived and developed by our distillers, including varied infusions of Bath Gin Distillery Classic such as Cucumber & Jasmine and also weekly specials to be enjoyed at the Canary Gin Bar. Our latest offering, Bath Gin Orange Sloe, has recently been bottled and released from Bath’s first distillery for 250 years.

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