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I.O.Shen The Old Byre Home Farm Barton Hartshorn MK18 4JX

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I.O.Shen knives have been handcrafted by master craftsmen using Japanese steel and with paring them with westernised handles with a Tai Tang design.
Super sharp edges and the hardest stainless steel result in beautiful-looking knives that are perfectly weighted and balanced, with long-lasting blades that rarely need sharpening because they maintain their edge so well.
I.O.Shen knives are designed in the UK by expert knife designer and owner, Natalie Clifton, or they’re collaborations with some of the UK’s best chefs and then manufactured in Japan.
Recognised for their excellence, I.O.Shen knives are perfect for professional chefs and home cooks who’d like top-of-the-range, professional quality knives.
There’s a knife to suit any task as well as a choice of storage options and sharpeners.

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