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Spitfire Retail Park, Trowbridge, BA14 0AZ

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An independent home appliance and furniture retailer. Quality, service and value delivered since 1879.
From the very beginning our business has embraced its family values. We are not just a family business, our business is also a family. Relationships are central to everything we do- with each other, with our customers and with our local community. We always go that extra mile to help our customers and ensure they receive the best advice, best quality, best prices and the best customer service we can deliver.
Knees has worked across a diverse range of industries, we have run many different businesses in locations across the local area. However retail has always been at the very core of our organisation. Central to this was our large department store in Trowbridge, our much loved shop was at the heart of Trowbridge in many different ways. Generations of families shopped with us just to experience Knees and be part of our family.
In 2014 we made the decision to evolve our business and moved from our old department store premises into a new and modern flagship store located in the Spitfire Retail Park in Trowbridge. This move has allowed us to modernise our business and compete in the current retail world. We now focus on selling a simplified range of premium products for the home. Our key product ranges are Home Appliances, Kitchen Shop as well as Bedroom, Living and Dining furniture.
We also have a second store located in Malmesbury High Street.

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