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Bishops Court Lane, Exeter EX5 1DH

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We make new boxes for all occasions with everything from Mother’s Day to Halloween; Steak Night to Vegan delights. You can swap, change or add anything and tailor your delivery to exactly what you fancy.

Our boxes aim to bring a lil’ bit of inspiration to people’s kitchens and get them cooking food they might not have tried before. Catering for all tastes, ages and budgets, we’re on a mission to get everyone eating fresh, local produce. We don’t pack anything in plastic because we like looking after the planet, just as much as our tummies.

As the world continues to change, we’ll always be here. Cheerily picking, packing and boxing up the freshest, tastiest produce as we wind our way around those country roads to your doorsteps, every day.

We love eating local. We could chat about it until the cows come home. It’s a great feeling to know what you’re eating has been grown close to where you live. Full-to-the-brim with fruit, veg, salads, meat and farm shop goods, our boxes change with the seasons, depending on what’s growing well in Devon’s fields that week.

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