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7 East Street Ashburton, Devon, TQ13 7AD

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The Fish Deli is a delicatessen specialising in all things fishy! We are based in the beautiful ancient stannary town of Ashburton, close to the moor and not far from the sea.
Our ethos from the very beginning has been to buy fish only from sustainable sources, and use fish that is in season, including the more unusual varieties that are available and from local day boats. We avoid buying fish from big trawlers which can be out at sea for up to two weeks, and which store their catch on ice for a similar period. You can read more about sustainability and our fish buying ethos under the heading ‘Fishues’. When we started the shop fourteen years ago this was not at the forefront of most customers’ minds when they bought fish, now of course there is much more awareness.

One thing which bothered us when planning our venture was how we would cope with fish waste; this is a huge problem for most fishmongers and supermarkets. Then we realized that if we cooked any leftovers not only would we have more products to sell, we would add value and have absolutely zero waste.
Our cooked dishes are now a crucial part of the business, and something which sets us apart from other fishmongers. Ironically we now often find that we are buying fish in to cook with, because we don’t have any left to make our fish pies, fish cakes, bouillabaisse or other fish dishes!

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