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First Floor Office, 10 Duke Street, Truro, Cornwall TR12QE

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It began with ketchup and the desire to create a sauce that compliments our favourite foods, rather than overpowering them (like the big brands often do). So armed with a large stock pot, plenty of ideas and a shed load of tomatoes we set about creating a condiment that did our food justice! In 2012 we produced our first bottle of Cornish Ketchup and The Cornish Ketchup Company was born!

Fast forward a few years and we are now the proud creators of 8 delicious flavours of Cornish Ketchup, 4 award winning mayonnaises and a community centric Tomato Chilli Jam!

We found that we had a knack for making saucy delights and so thought we would fully embrace that. And we know that you’re thinking, “a whole company dedicated just to condiments! Madness” well we quite like that and thought we’d embrace the madness and go completely condimental!

We are firmly of the belief that if good stuff goes in, that only good stuff can come out. We are all about quality ingredients and putting flavour first, with no nasties and no nonsense. We give you the real deal, every time, from the real whole tomatoes in our ketchup that we slowly reduce into our delicious sauce, to our extra thick, undiluted free range egg mayonnaise.

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